Cholesterol Support Product Buyer’s Guide (updated July 2024)

How To Find A Cholesterol Support Product That Really Works!

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The industry behind health supplements is frequently abuzz with new health trends. With each latest fad, such as with cholesterol support supplements, manufacturers begin creating new products very swiftly. Each immediately espouses the claim that their product is the best or most effective on the market, and will sometimes even manipulate facts in order to attempt to prove their assertions.

These wild claims are often not backed up by scientific data, contain no real details about how and why they have formulated their version of a supplement the way they have, and do not explain what benefits they can provide.

It can be quite confusing for consumers attempting to figure out which cholesterol support supplements are worth buying and which should be avoided. We felt that it was time to carefully examine some of the available products from an informed perspective, and decide for ourselves which ones really live up to their claims.

5 Things To Look For In An Effective Cholesterol Support Supplement

  • It should contain a high dose of Lecithin for reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL), increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL) synthesis, and increasing biliary secretion to aid with fat digestion. It is preferable that sunflower derived Lecithin is used over soy, for increased health benefits.  
  • It should contain Policosanol for assisting with decreasing cholesterol production in the liver, reducing clot formation, and increasing the breakdown of LDL. 
  • It should contain a full-spectrum antioxidant blend, preferably consisting of ingredients such as Aronia and Acai berries for a wide range of cholesterol and heart health benefits.
  • It should contain a high dose of a bioactive compound such as Berberine for helping lower blood sugar, improving cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and  increasing insulin sensitivity.
  • It should contain supplemental enhancers like BioPerine® (Piperine) for increased bioavailability and faster effects.

What We Uncovered

Immediately we were able to spot the brands that were simply out to cash-in on the latest health trends, as opposed to those with high-quality and result driven products.

  1. Many cholesterol support supplements do not contain the proper dosage of ingredients that have been shown to get great results such as Lecithin, Policosanol, Berberine, or full-spectrum antioxidant blends, nor do they have any scientific or clinical support explaining why they were added.
  2. Additionally, they often include unnecessary ingredients that provide no benefit whatsoever. Some formulas do not contain the same potency that their labels claim, with many companies even hiding the supplement facts to prevent consumers from better understanding the product’s contents.

Some companies think that sticking a label on their bottle with the words ‘Cholesterol Support Supplement’ without explaining ingredient content, potency, and reasons behind these choices, will be enough for the average consumer. The issue is, they are not wrong – many consumers fall for these products and are later disappointed.

Our Research

Our research identified key areas that we felt raised concerns when purchasing a cholesterol support supplement. With so many products out there, we felt that we needed clear parameters when identifying what to look for in a cholesterol support product.

  • Will it be effective? This is perhaps the main concern for consumers. Unfortunately, there are many products that simply don’t work. Buyers should be aware that there is a precise science in creating an effective formula.
  • Will it be too expensive for me to purchase? Our research uncovered many manufacturers selling cholesterol support products for well over $100. It is natural to think that more expensive means more effective, but that is not the case. Don’t risk your hard-earned money on a high-priced, low-efficiency product.  
  • Is the company open and transparent? The ideal manufacturer should provide you with as much information and guidance as they can. 

Finding Effective, Quality Cholesterol Support Supplements?

There are several key elements to look out for that can pretty much guarantee the product’s authenticity.

  1. Monitoring By A Third Party: There are organizations that will independently monitor and track the reputation of a company and assess their customer satisfaction levels. A company’s reputation is paramount within the health industry. Make sure you select a top provider, one that has an impeccable reputation and is backed by an independent third-party monitoring organization.
  2. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Many companies offer you a money-back guarantee if their products do not deliver the results that you are looking for. Some are better than others. Choose a company who has a solid satisfaction guarantee which demonstrates the confidence that manufacturers have in their products and consequent results.
  3. External Testing: This is not the same as a monitoring company. Third-party testing substantiates and verifies the quality of the manufacturer’s product. It can be very expensive for manufacturers to undertake, and can potentially disqualify entire shipments of products that don’t reach the desired standards. That said, manufacturers that don’t have independent quality control and testing have no way of providing evidence of the effectiveness and safety of their products.  

Research On Cholesterol Support Products

Thorough research takes time and money, which is why we did the work for you, saving you both! We researched numerous cholesterol support supplements in order to provide an in-depth analysis of what is on the market. In order to determine which products we could rate as beneficial, we checked if they contained the proper ingredients, how potent they were, and their grade of purity. We understand that facts and figures don’t always tell the whole story – so we looked for feedback from consumers who had actually utilized the product. Their testimonials helped us finalize a list of the best possible products currently available on the market.

Our Research Results

An effective cholesterol support supplement should contain top quality ingredients with their clinically proven dose potencies for an optimal effect. These include Lecithin and Policosanol which reduce LDL and decrease cholesterol production, as well as a full spectrum antioxidant blend containing a slew of cholesterol health benefits extracted from natural sources such as Aronia and Acai berries. It should also contain a highly bioactive compound, like Berberine, for balancing blood-sugar and triglyceride levels, and the ingredient enhancer BioPerine® for increased bioavailability and faster results. 

Most products failed to pass our specific criteria.

There are some manufacturers who actually include some good ingredients in their formulas, but then dilute the potency of the product through the use of unnecessary ingredients. Other manufacturers simply used key ingredients in very low doses, in contrast to the amounts that were proven effective in scientific studies. Still others filled their pills with binders, additives, or preservatives, and only a handful of them used any sort of quality-control testing.

We are very confident in the brands that we did pick. Given our stringent parameters and reasons for choosing our top products, we are sure our top picks will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Why Did We Select Our #1 Choice As Our Top Cholesterol Support Product?

Our top pick not only met all of our strict criteria for a quality cholesterol support supplement, but it also surpassed them!

Look at what it contains:

  • Lecithin – formulated with a highly potent 500mg dose, this ingredient reduces LDL, and increases HDL synthesis. It also increases biliary secretion which aids in fat digestion. This company’s Lecithin is derived from sunflowers, which is naturally extracted without the use of chemicals, and is considered more pure than the usual soy Lecithin used in many supplements.  
  • Policosanol – used in an optimized 20mg dose based on a clinical study, this ingredient offers double what most other products do. It can decrease cholesterol production in the liver, increase the breakdown of LDL, and also help HDL cholesterol work more efficiently. Policosanol also reduces the stickiness of platelets therefore helping to reduce clot formation. 
  • Baca-Syl™ Berry Complex – a powerful antioxidant wholefood combination that includes Aronia, Acai, Wild Blueberries and Bilberry extracts. 
  • Berberine – a bioactive compound that is extracted from shrubs called Berberis. Studies show that Berberine can lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and increase insulin sensitivity. 
  • BioPerine® – this patented ingredient is derived from Piperine which is used to maximize the bioavailability  and ingredient absorption of the supplement. This component is a very rare addition that most other products do not contain.

Our Top Cholesterol Support Product Choices

Our top choice stands above and beyond the competition, and we think you will agree. The company’s excellent reputation, top quality product, external independent monitoring and testing – coupled with an incredible money-back guarantee policy – makes this an undoubtedly solid pick for our #1 choice.

Rating: Excellent


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Editor’s Choice

Approved Science Cholestrin Review

If you want to optimally balance your total blood cholesterol levels, Approved Science Cholestrin is the product that will get the job done. Of all the cholesterol support supplements currently available on the market, this is the one that deserves a closer look and very likely, the one that will change your life!

It contains the highest quality natural ingredients in the correct dose and potency. Cholestrin contains sunflower-derived Lecithin and Policosanol, in powerful doses that are supported by clinical studies.  It also contains the patented Baca-Syl™ Berry Complex with Aronia berries, Acai berries, Blueberries and Bilberries that are rich in antioxidants and plant stanols and sterols to reduce cholesterol absorption and promote healthy blood vessels. Additionally, it contains Berberine which can lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and increase insulin sensitivity for optimal cardiovascular health, as well the patented BioPerine® which increases the bioavailability of ingredient absorption for faster, more effective results. 

Quality: Cholestrin contains high grade, 100% natural, clinically verified ingredients that are GMP certified.

Reputation: Approved Science’s reputation is excellent. This manufacturer has several third party monitoring services, including buySAFE, Norton, and Trustee, as well as an A+ rating from the quality monitoring company QualityTrusted.

Money-Back Guarantee: Every item sold is supported by a 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Such guarantees from manufacturers show a strong confidence in their products’ ability to deliver results – great news for consumers.

Additionally, they are well known in the industry and an established company that provides great customer support service, secure and easy checkout, as well as prompt, efficient delivery.

Their commitment to the health industry and their consumers is excellent, providing further qualification of efficacy by producing their products in an FDA registered laboratory.

If you are looking for a product that ticks all boxes, and is from an established reputable company with an excellent money-back guarantee, this is the supplement to try in order to balance total blood cholesterol levels and receive a wide range of heart health benefits.

It would be good to note that, due to high demand, Cholestrin is often sold out. To avoid having to back order, don’t hesitate to make that purchase when you see it in stock.

See the full review


Rating: Good



Dr. Sinatra Advanced Cholesterol Solutions

Dr. Sinatra Advanced Cholesterol Solutions is a supplement that uses citrus fruit extract in order to provide a wide range of heart-health benefits and cholesterol support. This citrus fruit extract is also a patented ingredient, which means that it has components that have been proven useful in studies and can be trusted. 

This product also provides an excellent money-back guarantee, which allows us to understand that the company puts their money where their mouth is, and can back up any claims of their product working well with a money back guarantee. 

This product had a fair amount of reviews on multiple websites including the company’s main site. There were some good reviews, which mostly dealt with their good customer service and speedy delivery. On the other hand, many of the negative reviews had to do with the fact that the product did not deliver the results that were promised, and did not lower LDL levels or help with the consumer’s cholesterol ratios.  

The reviews that we saw did not shock us, as we had already taken a look at the ingredients in this formula and were surprised to see that there were a lot of necessary cholesterol-support components that were left out. There are also no ingredients for better nutrient absorption, which ends up making a supplement such as this one lose some of it’s nutritional value. One of the positive sides of this product is that the main site shares information about the science and studies behind the ingredients, which we very much appreciate. Read on to discover why we chose this supplement for our #2 position.

Click here to read the full review


Rating: OK



Nature Made Cholestoff Plus

Nature Made Cholestoff Plus is a single active-ingredient based supplement that is supposed to be fairly useful in a general sense. It contains a high dose of plant sterols/stanols extracted from pine trees, and much lower doses of other inactive ingredients that would be better applied in higher potencies. 

This product contains no artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, or preservatives, and is gluten free. However, this product does not contain any money back guarantee, and has no information about third-party testing on its website. Additionally, you cannot buy Cholestoff directly from the manufacturer’s website. Instead, the product is only sold on Amazon, and therefore the return policy is the standard Amazon policy and not backed by the actual manufacturer. 

This product seems like a very standard, albeit cheap, option for those suffering from cholesterol issues. It might be helpful when attempting to alleviate very general cholesterol problems, but the ingredients don’t reflect a well thought-out and designed product. We also took issue after reading one of the reviews on Amazon – read our full review to find out more.

Click here to read the full review

What You’ll Discover:

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Top 6 Items to Consider:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Cost Per Serving
  3. Product’s Testing Results
  4. Company’s Reputation
  5. Consumer Reviews
  6. Return Policy & Satisfaction Guarantee

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